We love that British designer of Zimbabwean descent, Farai Simoyi has been making her mark on the fashion scene. Farai presented her second collection, Madame Rouge during New York Fashion Week and was named “Breakout Designer” by Time Out NY. She’s becoming known for edgy appeal and unusual pieces and that’s why we love her. And it isn’t just that. Here are five reasons we love Farai!

1. She Presented During New York Fashion Week
Farai Simoyi presented during New York Fashion Week for the second time last September with her collection for Fall inspired by Fanny the Seductress, from the 1902 French play, “Sapho.”

2. She’s Not Afraid of Texture.
In her autumn collection, Farai embraces textures like velvet and satin plus bold color to give her clothing a unique yet edgy feel. You’ll certainly look the part of a seductress.

3. She’s Well Traveled and It’s Reflected In Her Work.
Farai pulls inspiration from life’s travels. She was born in London, grew up in West Virginia and now based in New York City.

4. The Super-Feminine Silhouettes.
How can you not love a designer who celebrates a woman’s body with body con dresses and high-waisted skirts?

5. You can shop Farai Simoyi on ASOS.
No, seriously. How amazing is that? Farai’s clothing is carried on ASOS.com.

See Farai’s Fall collection @ Coco and Creme and tell us that you don’t love her!


–Channing Hargrove

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