There has been a push lately to convince African Americans that the Republican party should be a viable choice. With billboards touting that “G.O.P. is the New Black,” and the rise of upstart Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, you’d think the party of Lincoln would be getting a second look by African Americans.

But then you have something like this. Conservative pundit, Ann Coulter recently told Fox News’ Shawn Hannity that Black Republicans are just “better” people than Black democrats.

Coulter hit Fox News to discuss the news of Herman Cain’s sexual harassment  lawsuit. As with Coulter and Hannity, GOP operatives are circling their wagons around Cain, the current frontrunner, and asserting that exposing these allegations is akin to “high tech lynching.” They are also comparing Cain’s sexual harassment woes (in which his company settled with the women) to the Clarence Thomas and Anita Thomas case in which many Republicans felt Hill fabricated her sexual harassment claims to bring down Thomas.

What I find interesting is that throughout Cain’s entire campaign, he–not Democrats–has constantly made racially charged comments. Cain famously said Americans should elect him, a “real Black man,” and accused Black voters of being brainwashed for voting for Democrats. Despite this, Republicans are the ones asserting that Democrats are race baiting and shaming Black voters into backing Liberal candidates. However, Coulter’s remarks, once again show Republicans aren’t really concerned about Black voters. If they were, Coulter wouldn’t give conservative Black voters the backhanded comment, “Our Blacks are so much better than their Blacks.” As if African Americans are still a commodity to be possessed.

Coulter is known for making controversial remarks. But using her to extoll the virtues of Herman Cain and present him as a credible choice for African-Americans simply because he’s had an “American Black experience” is just as disingenuous as those Democratic politicians who take African American voters for granted.

What I find so telling about Coulter’s rant is that despite talking up Herman Cain’s many positives, she still isn’t supporting him for President. She tells Hannity that Cain would make a good Vice President, which no doubt, is a tactic to appeal to Black voters.

If Republicans really want to encourage Black voters to switch parties they need to stop race bating and present credible candidates with policies that speak to the needs and concerns of Black voters.

What do you think of Ann Coulter’s remarks about Black Republicans vs. Black Democrats? Sound off.

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  • When I heard her comments from the Fox broadcast I wanted to say, “Oh, so Missy Ann is a pundit now?!?!”. Really? Do you own blacks, Ann? How many Negroes do you own? How long have you been the mistress of the plantation? Damn.

    Dear African-American Republicans, You need to take off the watermelon suits and tap dancing shoes and listen to what the party really thinks about us. Yes, US. Don’t act like you’re special because you get to live in the house and master thinks you’re smart…for a negro. Yes, that’s right. Not as smart as ole masta, but smarter than those Democratic field coons. Oh, you don’t think that is what is actually being said? Well, then I think the Republicans surely “own” the right blacks for the job.

    Yall betta run on. I hear Missy Ann uh calling.

  • KJ

    This horse face looking woman need to put a plastic bag over head and shut the f*ck up.

  • Cam

    Ha! I didn’t even know she was a real person until I saw this article. I remember her character from an episode of Boondocks when she was fighting against the Freemans when a teacher called Riley the “N” word. After watching the Boondocks and reading this article, I can never take her seriously. LOL

  • Allow me to Retort

    I believe the democratic southerners that Miss Coulter is talking about were the part of deeply divided Democratic Party in the 50’s and 60’s, Democrats whom eventually became Dixiecrats and then were assimilated into the Republican Party. If you’re talking about the Warren Court, we all know that Earl Warren was far more liberal than anyone thought. Miss Coulter’s use of Democrat and Liberal are quite incongruous because the Democratic Party and the Liberal Party were not always one. The Republican Party used to be a bit more Liberal, but as time went on, the Republican Party created a New Right, no longer the Party of Lincoln but the conglomeration of Dixiecrats, Fundamentalist Christias, and Corporations. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but the blatant misuse of Democrat and Liberal has images of a bit of logic fallacy embedded into it. Revisionist history, indeed.