Reality TV shows have slowly but surely permeated our optional viewing, and now its getting more and challenging to escape the fangs of this particular television genre. I have to admit that at the very beginning, I was determined not to get sucked into the madness, and worked hard to try to keep my dignity intact. But in the past 4 years, it is almost impossible to escape the lure of reality shows. MTV’s Real World started the race which back in 1992 was a big leap for the music network, but the payoff was immense and that gave birth to more installments of the series. But it took almost a decade later for the concept of watching people’s dramatic moments unfold on live TV to become the phenomenon it is today.

What feeds our need to be perpetual people-watchers to the point that we end up helping to usher the willing subjects into stardom? For me, I have always loved to watch people, leaving in NYC provides the perfect setting for that. And I love the shows that celebrate talent, Project Runway, Top Chef, etc, only because they provide a level of entertainment that is devoid of screaming matches, plus I learn a ton along the way. But I have now succumbed to the dramatic elements of the Real Housewives franchise and of course the over-the-top climate of jersey Shore. I am now irreversibly hooked and addicted to the fights, pushing, shoving, lies and betrayal that are staple items of these TV viruses. Shows like Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop have now become must-sees and I relish the episodes that would make any holier than thou scholar cringe. The messier the fights are the better! Nothing is off limits in my viewing world.

So I have to accept the undeniable. I am a Reality TV junkie. I need it, I crave it and I love it. Not sure how I feel about it but I don’t have the time to consider the consequences. There are just too many shows and so little time.

Would you classify yourself as Reality TV junkie? Or are you self-controlled enough to hit the mute just before you are about to go overboard?

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