The verdict in Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial has everyone talking about who exactly is to blame for Michael Jackson’s death. While the jury found Dr. Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter for negligently causing the singer’s death, many are wondering if he was really at fault.

Although he was an amazing performer, Jackson was also reportedly a drug addict. He was addicted to sleep aids and pain medication that allowed him to sleep. His addiction to the anesthesia Propofol lead to his premature death, but like many celebrities before him, those around him aided his addiction.

While we may not be helping our friends score life-threatening drugs, many of us are, in fact, enablers. We enable our friends to be liars by covering for them, we might enable them to be lazy by carrying them, and we might even enable their questionable and destructive behavior by continuing to cover up their messes.

But when it comes to your friends and family, how do you draw the line between support and enabling?

Are you an enabler? 

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  • Kbutta

    this whole situation is messed up and i believe he is innocent..just a “yes man” for Mike jackson..

    • I so agree. I will say as a friend I am the kind of person to tell you that what you’re doing and dumb and tell everyone to shame you yet I will be their to help pick up the pieces.

  • SAA

    a) geeze Britni, do you ever sleep or just write 24/7 because I swear you stay cranking out several posts every day!
    b) its really hard to draw that line between support and enabling but I gauge the situation and that person’s personality. Sometimes people just need a listening ear/ helping hand but if their behavior becomes a constant and is negatively influencing their well-being I would feel compelled to speak to them.

    • LOL

      I sleep but thanks for recognizing the effort!

      ~britni d.

  • Samira

    My sister is bulimic and when I found out, I suffered inside and didn’t tell anybody for fear of her going out of control. She’d make me feel guilty and I thought that if I told anyone, she’d kill herself so I kept quiet. That was until I told my mother and she helped a little but a year later, we all keep quiet about it and avoid it. I don’t know if she’s still bulimic but if I try to mention it, it’ll ruin everything. I am enabler and I hate it.

    • Jane


      This is serious. Her condition is life or death. Maybe you guys can seek counseling as a family.

  • African Mami

    Before being a friend he was his DOCTOR! For crying out loud. A professional CERTIFIED doctor. So MJ was addicted to prescription pills or whatever Dr. Murray was hired to be his DOCTOR not friend! Act accordingly.

  • kaya

    Yes Michael may have been addicted but nobody force mr. Murray to be MJ’s “yes man” he could have had easily decline just like he easily accepted. He in return is responsible as a doctor for not following his code of ethics is not about what “other” doctors do in Hollywood for their clients is about what he do. Jeeze, if all the other dr.’s jump off a bridge ……