Being billed as an ‘anti-Kardashian’ reality show, ‘Being Mandela‘ follows three of the great South African statesman’s U.S.-born granddaughters as they live, work, love, and go through life’s ups and downs.

Staring 27-year-old lawyer Dorothy Adjoa Amuah,  and her cousins Swati and Dlamini, the show’s creators say it will be ‘positive’ and will not damage the legacy of the Mandela name.

‘Being Mandela’ revolves around Dorothy, a lawyer working in luxury brands, 32-year-old Swati Dlamini, who is a single mom and working to start a foundation, and  34-year-old fashion designer and pregnant mommy of two, Zaziwe Diamini-Manaway. The show is scheduled to debut next year in South Africa and, according to Shadow & Act and Deadline it is generating interest from networks in the States as well.

Although their venerable greandfather nor their parents will appear on the show, ‘Being Mandela’ is produced by Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Kweku Mandela. It will begin filming in December and the show’s creators hope it will hit airwaves–in both South Africa and the U.S.–early next year.

While it’s easy to see why the show might appeal to viewers in South Africa where the Mandela name carries a significant amount of weight, it’s not clear how American audiences will react to a show about three successful, drama-free Black women.

But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

If ‘Being Mandela’ is picked up by a U.S. network, will you be tuning in?

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  • I went to college with Swati, so I am still a little surprised that she is doing a reality show about being Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter but to each its own. And Clutch, it’s Dlamini not Diamini.

  • Jess

    I actually agree with ClnMike. The mainstream media will do their best to turn this into Basket Ball Wives – South African styl. No matter who their parents or grandparents are. Pretty much guaranteed that anything focuisng on Black women, promoted by the MSM is to make these Black women look totally dusfunctional and bad. Hasn’t anyone gotten it yet?? The MSM dos NOT have Black women’s best interests at heart, in any way, shape or form.