This 22-year-old college student gave the man who groped her on a train platform a good old fashioned beat down, according to the New York Post . Shyane DeJesus described the horrendous event to the Post. “I ran up to him. I kicked him in the face. I was just punching him,” she said.

DeJesus was standing on the train platform at Union Square station in the morning on her way to work when she noticed that a man was getting a little too close for comfort. The pervert began to rub against her thigh. Before she knew it, the man took his perversion to the next level.

” [He] grabbed my right shoulder and pushed my head down and lifted my skirt up and groped me,” DeJesus said.
Obviously she was infuriated. DeJesus followed the man onto the 6 train and began to beat on him as he sat down. She screamed that the man had groped her, but no one came to her aid. Once the man got up to get off the train, she took out her phone and got a picture of his face.
“He smirked when I looked at him. He never said a word, not a word. All I got was that smirk.”
So glad this young woman fought back and hopefully justice will be served.
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