Every one of us can raise our hands if asked whether or not we have had the “sheen” experience. That magical formula in a can, that promises to keep our tresses fresh and shiny as long as we are faithful to the regimen. Even after weeks of neglect we still believe that our hair will look as good as new as long as it’s showered with the “sheen” of our choice.

Over the years these specific products have earned a negative reputation, due to the fact that they tend to encourage the accumulation of dirt, some of them leave you with traces of residue, and the buildup inevitably causes itchiness and breakage.

But the truth is that as old school as they seem, they can still be effective if used with caution. Too much of anything can be damaging so the trick is to use it sparingly and also to make sure you follow the instructions and keep at the right distance before spraying. Spraying too close to the scalp is what causes the specks that populate in your hair that eventually leads to dirt accumulation.

You also have to be mindful of which products work with your hair type or hair style. Using the right type of hair sheen can make all the difference in the world and we have five choices that should hopefully fulfill most of your needs.

Check out some of our favorite hair sheens!

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