Actress Holly Robinson Peete chose to remain silent about her abrupt exit from CBS’ The Talk but she is now ready to give her take on the incident and she chose The Hollywood Reporter as her outlet.

Peete explains to the industry trade paper that she was just as shocked as her fans were when she found out that she and fellow cast mate Leah Remini had gotten the boot. She had heard rumors circulating but there were no confirmations from the TV execs and nobody bothered to reach out to her or her agent to discuss the possibility of her not returning. The suspense was finally lifted when 2 days prior to the second season premiere; she was told that her services were no longer needed. No specific reason was given and Peete had no choice but to vacate her spot on the top-rated show and find solace elsewhere.

When asked if she could pinpoint a reason why she wasn’t asked back, the 21 Jump Street alum could only guess that the powers that be were eager to depart from the original “mom bloggers” format and settle into something they thought would be more marketable. Comedians Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler have since filled in the vacated seats and while Peete holds no grudges and has the utmost respect for both women, she feels bad their entrée to the show was marred by all the controversy.

As for her current relationship with her former co-workers, Peete notes that with the exception of Sara Gilbert, none of the other women have bothered to keep in touch. There were also rumblings about CBS resident host Julie Chen who coincidently is married to CBS honcho Les Moonves, being directly responsible for the cast shakeup considering the influence she obviously has with the network. But Peete refuses to confirm or deny the accusation, but she does acknowledge the political power at play. Saying, “The main issue with The Talk is when you have somebody who’s in a power position and who can make decisions, there’s not a lot of recourse, there’s not a lot of discussion”. “And so because of that, they can pretty much do what they want”.

Peete has moved on from the humiliating incident and only regrets that her fans and the viewers in general were not factored into the equation and were left wondering why such a drastic shuffle was necessary. But she hopes they will find comfort with the fact that she has made her peace with the decision and is looking forward to what the future holds for her career which already is taking flight again thanks to her guest starring role on the CBS comedy hit Mike and Molly. She is also hoping for another go round on the talk show circuit, and believes her short stint on The Talk gave her the kind of exposure she needs to make that happen on her own terms.

Hope we see more of her on the tube soon!

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