When it comes to entertainment sites, anyone that has a keyboard and a decent vocabulary can claim to run one. But it takes more than cut, paste and an enter button to be the best in this game and that’s why the YBF, Necole Bitchie and Crunk + Disorderly are at the top of our list. If you didn’t know about them, now you know. You can thank us later.

Necole Bitchie
Ask all your entertainment faves like Essence, Vibe, XXL and VH1 who they turn to for the latest in entertainment news and the first name off their tongues will undoubtedly be NecoleBitchie.com. This site has it all from celebrity beef and drama to exclusives on what’s next for some of Hollywood’s stars, if it’s hot and newsworthy then you can find it on Necole Bitchie. The site even boasts its own online magazine called Bitchie Life which gives you even more exclusives and inside looks into the lives of today’s hottest celebs.

When it comes to finding out the latest in the world of the Young, Black & Fabulous, theYBF.com should be your first stop. What started out as a hobby has grown into the go-to source for the latest in entertainment news. What did Beyonce wear? Lance Gross is dating who? You can find out the answers to those questions and more because if their hot in Hollywood then YBF has the scoop.

Crunk + Disorderly
If you’re looking for entertainment news without too much of the sugar and spice then Crunk + Disorderly is right up your alley. The site gives you the latest in entertainment news with a witty and raw delivery that’s not for the faint of heart. No favorites here, any celebrity that acts or looks out of pocket is a target and that’s why thousands of fans flock to the site each day to get the real deal about what’s good in the streets.

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