With “outfit-of-the-day” blogging becoming more popular, the everyday girl is being celebrated on the web daily. People are breaking boundaries in the fashion industry with this new medium. Lucrative collaborations are being made and personal brands are capturing audiences as big as their favorite fashion magazines. But with fashion being a predominantly white crowd, is blogging making space for brown girls in fashion industry?

While African Americans have made their mark prominent in the blogosphere, they seem to be more popular in the entertainment and commentary department. On the contrary, African American blogs don’t seem to be as popular when it comes to fashion. Do you know a bunch of fly brown girls who blog about style? Then why aren’t they as popular as their white counterparts? The truth is that there are quite a lot of Black style blogs but they just aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.

Black style blogs need to let everyone including their white counterparts know that they exist and are worthy these red carpet invites and brand partnerships just like any other top blogger. The Black fashion bloggers that are winning aren’t just limiting themselves solely to their local demographic or ethnic group. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Look at Karen of Where Did U Get That who just attended the Versace for H&M fashion show or Folake of Style Pantry who recently twitpic’d her at lunch with another influential blogger. They’re friendly with other top bloggers and building relationships across the board with brands, PR firms and companies alike. As Black style bloggers put themselves in situations where the fashion industry has to pay attention to them, they inevitably bring more color to fashion. From the blogger themselves to the Black companies and designers they may mention, people are taking notice because they have to. The information is there.

As a community, African Americans can help catapult the success of Black style bloggers. If you want to see more color in the fashion industry then put them there. Don’t just complain. As a blogger, mention that amazing designer you just found out about who happens to be African American. As a reader, comment on your favorite Black fashion blogger’s post, retweet their link if you thought it was good and vote for them in a blogging competition if you’re rooting for them. The White community tends to succeed in the blogosphere because they get feedback from their audiences. It should be the same for African Americans. Share your thoughts on their outfit, click that Like button and spread the word about that awesome fashion blogger – who happens to be a brown girl – that your girlfriend told you about.

The blessing is that the web has no limits. It’s not a club that you have to be accepted in before you can succeed. There are more and more Black style blogs coming to the forefront each day and their audiences determine their influence. The more influential style blogs in the African American community become, the more they’ll be acknowledged in the fashion industry as a whole. Blogging has become an industry that solely the blogger themselves control the power of their influence regardless of race, gender or even age. It’s groundbreaking. Sure, fashion hasn’t necessarily been a place where African Americans are regularly received, but thanks to blogging their presence is inevitable.

– Mattie James

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