Today is the start of Anti-bullying week and with all the issues our kids face today, there are many ways we can help prevent bullying from happening to our loved ones.

CNN gave a list of tips to help parents start a dialouge with their children about bullying:

Initiate conversations with your kids about their school day. Allow them to talk about the good and not-so-good experiences that they have.

Promote self-esteem and confidence by reminding your child of his or her unique talents and qualities.

Do a lot of listening as one way of creating a trusting atmosphere between your child and you.

 Keep the lines of communication open.

When I was growing up, bullying was just something that children dealt with in school. It rarely led to suicides, but today it has reached new heights. It has become a serious issue that plagues our young people.

How can you help prevent bullying?

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