The latest season of Love and Hip Hop is in full swing and after only three episodes we’ve already gotten tons of emails asking how fan favorite Chrissy Lampkin achieves her fabulous look.  Well ask no more!  We’ve got the scoop on Chrissy’s amazing locks and how you can achieve her soft and chic look.  Check out the details we got our hands on below.

Chrissy’s natural hair is extremely healthy and beautiful.  Her Love and Hip Hop look was achieved by clipping on Indique’s Fishnet piece from the Studio Collection.  Chrissy’s Indique Fishnet is curly in texture and 22″ in length.  Her stylist on set, William Edmonds added layers to create movement and used a marcel iron to create a soft and natural wave pattern.

So the secret’s out, Indique is Chrissy’s secret hair weapon.   Fortunately Indique isn’t just available to the stars, visit www.IndiqueHair.com to recreate Chrissy’s look or create a look all your own!

–  Danielle Pointdujour

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  • Tegwest

    According to the Chrissy hand book when was Kim suppose to deliver the news to Emily since the world revolves around Chrissy’s rules? Chrissy problem is she needs an outlook and a career that will mold her into a professional woman, she think she has the right words and displays the right actions by bullying people around. I get her principal but she need to let go of the angry black woman syndrome. She will get a reality check eventually because not everyone is going to fall under the Chrissy’s manipulative spell. Get over yourself Chrissy and re-evaluate the woman in the mirror and ask yourself why am I insecure and demand so much unnecessary respect, make your own child to man handle but at the same time if you want respect you have to give it, I heard Chrissy say “shut the Fu*k up” and disrespected Yandy on numerous occasions but if it was the other way around all hell would break loose… hypocrite. I think she is lacking something and trying to fill a void. Her number is up and so is her time. Stop taking everything so personal especially when its not your problem. Nobody owes you anything, not even a lil bit. Tacky wacky sensitive chick and Emily played Chrissy like the sucker she is, cause she did her dirty work stupid! The only power Chrissy has is Jimmy, she is a nobody!