Wanting to be a model will always be the attainable or unattainable dream of every young girl. The dazzling and exciting lifestyle of a model is hard to resist. The exotic locales, accessibility to hot spots in major cities all over the world, and of course being courted by the rich and famous. It’s an exclusive club that only a select few are lucky enough to join as lifetime members.

Ethiopian born and Boston raised America’s Next Top Model alum; Fatima Siad escaped the fate of most of her cast mates by taking the fashion world by storm and dominating all the major runways.

But being beautiful doesn’t always shield you from life’s tragedies. Siad experienced some turbulent times during her childhood, which included the death of her two sisters who were murdered by the Somalian army during the country’s civil war. She and her mother ended up in the States where she excelled in her studies and ended up a Posse Scholar at Bryn Mawr College.

And now the rest of the story is like something out of a fairy tale, she proved her worth as a model, with a look and a walk that designers like Dries Van Noten, Hermes and Betsy Johnson can’t get enough of, plus she also uses her new found fame as a outlet to speak against female genital circumcision, a painful procedure that also claimed her as a victim.

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