Looks like comedienne Niecy Nash’s life just keeps getting better. After marrying the love of her life, Jay Tucker, earlier this year, having the lavish event captured for a special on the TLC network and snagging a role as Cedric The Entertainer’s wife in a Hot In Cleveland comedy spinoff show for the TV Land network, Niecy has just landed a new eight-episode docu-series on TLC that will focus on her new life. The series will reveal the journey of bringing a blended family together, which includes Niecy’s three teenage kids, her mother and Jay’s son from a previous relationship.

Niecy had this to say about her new show:

“There’s a lot of love in our house, but also a lot of mayhem and foolishness – all the kids are acting crazy, I’m busier than ever, and Jay’s never raised girls before. We hope our fans welcome us into their homes… we need the room!”

No word on the name of Niecy’s new show, but expect it to hit airwaves in early 2012.

Will you be watching?

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  • Beautiful Mic

    Stereotypes are rooted on historical cultural truths. Cultures evolve, which is why some people fit them as some don’t.

    • Val

      Nope, stereotypes are rooted in hate and propaganda that has been spread for hundreds of years by White people. Some African Americans choose to embrace these stereotypes to make a buck.

  • Alexandra

    Her voice is painful to my ears. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch past one ep.
    Though she is funny sometimes; I’ll try.

  • pink

    I’m glad that Niecy still has a 9 to 5 (that will keep money coming in)….but in reality (no pun intended) this is probably going to be boring as hell just like the rest of the reality shows. Wont’ be watching!!

  • African Mami

    Wish her all the best, but since she is my mother’s age, I won’t be watching!

  • Toni

    Just discovered this blog. I watched all of her episodes and I must say, I love the show! I was initially annoyed by her on clean house, but came to enjoy her eccentricities and catch-phrases. And the show is just an extension of who she fabulously is! Boom.

    It is NOT stereotypical in that sense, but she is very much a black mother raising her children, and that’s a quality I can relate to and love to see. She’s real and sincere and displays a genuine love for her family, plus it’s funny! NOT degrading, or over-the-top or whatever else you’d think just because it’s a reality show.

    I give it two thumbs up and encourage people to watch it.