Last year I had the pleasure of visiting a good girlfriend who recently relocated to Atlanta after earning her degree in Engineering. At twenty-three years old, she had a cushy government job, a newly purchased first home, and she was a semester away from acquiring her Master’s degree. On paper she was beyond impressive, especially because all her accomplishments came before her twenty-fifth birthday. Despite her accomplishments, however, one component that she stressed was lacking was a husband to share it with.

For months she bragged about the city of Atlanta and all its grandness–the men and ripe job opportunities. During a long, stale winter of an unrelenting job search and dealing with a tragic break-up, I was finally suckered into purchasing a plane ticket. Her arguments about why relocating permanently would benefit me were convincing, but I was only eager to check out what Atlanta had to offer that New York City didn’t. With an itinerary under our belt, we hit all the elite nightclubs, eateries and shopping centers, but what I noticed was that her emphasis on landing a husband was palpable whenever we were out.

One night in particular, while at a nightclub, my friend sidled up next to a young Nigerian woman who was seated at a table next to us and engaged her in a full-blown, and candid, conversation on where to meet Nigerian men. And not just any Nigerian men, my girl wanted details on where to meet doctors, lawyers or engineers specifically.

I looked on in shock as the young woman invited my friend to an exclusive event the following week where she would have her pick of the successful litter. They proceeded to exchange phone numbers and promised to keep in contact. After exiting the club, I asked my girl why she wanted a Nigerian husband and she explained that she felt they were more ambitious and tended to earn advanced degrees in fields where the salaries were substantially higher than other men. From what I observed, Atlanta was seemingly full of sexy, eligible, great men without advanced degrees in those fields, but she claimed those weren’t the types who would appreciate the opera.

Her reasoning was understandable, but I felt it was rather superficial. Although education is extremely important, aside from financial stability and social standing, what more would a man’s degrees bring to the table?

In today’s world where entertainers and star athletes are openly targeted by women who plot, stalk and connive their way to becoming trophy wives of celebrities for social and monetary gain, the lines seem to become blurred when career-oriented women go to the same extraordinary lengths to meet professional men to marry.

But is this just how the dating game is played?

So, Clutchettes and gents speak on it! What’s the difference between women who go to extraordinary lengths in seeking entertainers or athletes to marry vs. career-oriented women that do the same when seeking professional men?

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