As more information about Kim Kardashian’s pay-to-play marriage rolls out, many wondered if her overnight fiasco is disrespectful to the institution of marriage. Celebrity gossip blogger, Perez Hilton (and others), took the discussion even further.

After hearing the news of Kim and Chris’ demise, Perez Hilton tweeted:

Yesterday, I heard many others wondering the same thing and asking whether or not heterosexual couples take marriage for granted. Others also questioned whether or not it was fair that straight people were allowed to marry for several (and sometimes disingenuous) reasons, while homosexual individuals cannot.

But what do you think, Clutchettes and Gents…does Perez Hilton have a point? Can gays and lesbians use this Kardashian wedding fiasco to further the marriage equality cause? 

Let’s talk about it! 

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  • Black AND Female AND Gay

    A majority of people at one point in this country also thought blacks and whites should not marry. A majority of people at one point in this country believed minorities to be inferior to whites, and women inferior to men.

    Why should my right to marry the person I love be determined by what the majority of people think marriage should be??

    Why do so many black people believe that civil rights movements only apply to them? Later to everybody else. Only black people have had a legitimate struggle in this country please.

    I walk into a room and I am black, female and gay. I have experienced discrimination for each. Each instance has felt as horrible as the next. Point blank period.

  • Black AND Female AND Gay

    @Libby who the hell cares if you agree with gay marriage??? Don’t like it? Don’t get one. I imagine you would not want the government telling you, that you can not marry the man you love.

    And I respect even less any person who chooses to hide behind a Bible to mask their bigotry. Let’s remember our history, the bible was also used to justify slavery.

    I am so sick of being discriminated against in my black community for being gay. It’s hard enough being black in America, let alone being gay in Black America.

    • Libby

      Sigh here we go. I don’t agree and I don’t care if you don’t like it. Are your dreams of a same sex marriage suppose to tug at my heart strings? Not going to happen. I made it clear that I don’t support it, nor do I go out and protest it, but that not good enough for you. what do you want me to do? Do a marriage equality commercial, rock a vote not on prop 8? Not going to happen :(.
      Gay marriage ain’t worth me wearing out my good marching shoes over, so you should be glad I put no effort into this issue.
      Nowhere did I mention the Bible, but I can make the claim that you are a religious bigot and I’d probably be right. You are free to marry as many Gay men as you like ie Star Jones & Terry McMillan.

  • Black AND Female AND Gay

    @Libby But see Star Jones and Terry McMillan had HETEROSEXUAL marriages to gay men. Gay marriage didn’t cause that to happen. But perhaps the lack of gay marriage did. For whatever reason those men decided to marry those women. But obviously they couldn’t have married men.

    And what I said was who cares if you don’t agree. Is your opinion supposed to be worth a damn to me? No. You are ignorant. Pointing out the fact that the Bible has been abused to justify bigotry in all forms does not make me a religious bigot.

    My point is people who truly value justice and promote equality will seek to erase injustices and inequalities in all of it’s forms. It is hypocritical to pick and choose to stand up for equality only when it personally benefits you.

    Let’s be clear I won’t be marrying any gay men. I will be marrying a gay woman. But feel free to marry one if you’d like. After all, at least it would be a marriage between a man and a woman.

    • Libby

      Apparently it does since you are posting to me. Shrugs. I am ignorant because I don’t support gay marriage? Get over yourself. I am not predisposed because of my race to support ever single “cause” under the sun. There are things I support and things I don’t. You don’t define justice and equality for me, nor do can you tell me what I should and should not care about. Who made you the barometer of what is “true justice”. I said I DON”T AGREE with it and what’s it to you if I don’t? You come off as a very weak woman and I feel sorry for your movement if there are more like you.

      No, thanks I won’t be taking the gay woman route because I don’t suffer from mental illness. I really didn’t want to say that, but when you start hurdling insults be ready to get one thrown back at you. Toodles.

  • Hell yeah he’s got a point! How is it fair that straight folks can run ROUGHSHOD on marriage, but gay folks can’t even legally walk down the aisle?!?

    To all you saying you don’t “agree with” or “believe in” gay marriage, then don’t be gay and try to get married. Simple as that. But, for heaven’s sake, SHUT THE F*CK UP. Nobody cares about your asinine opinion about OTHER PEOPLE’S lives.

    • Libby

      Hey, Looney Lena..make me STFU. You can’t. LOL, Don’t bring your silly ass to a website where people can voice their opinions if you can’t handle it. The truth is the people who don’t like my view are the ones name calling . You care that’s why you got are acting like an immature child. The first rule of giving advice is to take it for yourself first, now you STFU and I would tell you to kiss my ass…but I can tell you probably would enjoy it. Yuck. LOL

  • He’s absolutely correct. This whole fiasco with Kartrashian and that sham of a marriage makes a mockery of marriage and what it’s supposed to stand for. And homosexual men and women are treated as 2nd class citizens when it comes to marriage as many of them truly believe in the institution of marriage and what it stands for while heterosexuals run through marriages just as often as they change their undergarments.