From Frugivore – The government wants to take your children. At least if you’re not deemed fit to take care of your obese kids, our government wants to see if it can have a crack at shuffling them around the system until your kids stop eating the crap it subsidizes.

The internet has been ablaze with people weighing in on whether or not the government was right in its hands-on approach with an Ohio family.

According to reports, an 8-year-old Cleveland boy, who weighs more than 200 pounds, was removed from his mother’s custody because of what officials have deemed medical neglect.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

[The County] said that the child’s weight gain was caused by his environment and that the mother wasn’t following doctor’s orders — which she disputes.

This disturbing trend, which is gaining more credibility in medical and politic circles, encompasses everything that is dysfunctional about America in the present moment.

First, it starts with our malfeasant government that takes tax dollars to help large food companies maintain their grip on our food supply.

We only receive large amounts of cheap, crappy food because as companies grow its main priority is profit not quality. So consumers who haven’t seen their wages increase in over ten years are put in a bind: either starve or buy the subsidized corn, soy, wheat, and processed meat products. And once your hooked to the instant gratification that comes from the processed sugar in those products, you’re more than likely a customer for life.

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