Technology has given us many things to be grateful for and undoubtedly has made our lives a lot easier to regulate and manage, thanks to gadgets like our cell phones, iPad, etc. But when do these potentially life-altering tools get in the way of our ability to communicate intimately and effectively without being solely reliant on the touch screen or keyboard.

There are plenty of instances when trying to get a message across quickly is necessary and expected. Texting your hubby to remind him to stop by the dry cleaners after work, or wishing your friend a final good luck on her interview the morning of, is one of the ways texting can be ideal. But lately it seems the art of texting has taken on any a new form and responsibility. It is now doing all the dirty work, and people (mostly cowards) are hiding behind its façade and using it as a way to begin and end relationships. These relationships are not just limited to couples; it encompasses anyone that you have a close bond with or who impacts your life in a meaningful way. It seems there is no etiquette when it comes to conveying information of a sensitive nature via text. It just seems so much easier to break it off with a beau or end a friendship by whipping out the phone and sending an instant message rather than meeting face to face and delivering that same message in a more heartfelt manner. Of course it depends on the nature of the break up but for the most part I have seen text messages do irrevocable damage and sometimes evoke the wrong emotions on the part of the receiver.

Even dating has become a texting sport. You meet a guy/girl and you are eager to get to know your potential mate which usually happens during the courting phase. But that now has been diminished to numerous messages cluttering your phone as opposed to just a few messages pertaining to a future date. By the time you have sent your 20th photo and provided your up-to-date bio, the mystery has pretty much vanished and the first date feels more like reunion.

It would be nice to go back to the days when we were more present and sincere when relating not only to the people that matter in our lives, but also when trying to foster new relationships. The thrill of waiting for that first phone call from a longtime crush has now been replaced with corny text messages that may even have been cut and pasted from a previous dalliance that has been dissolved.

But with the ever-changing tech world, it looks like relations in general are going to get a lot more complicated and robotic. Hopefully there will be enough of us left to who still believe in the power of the human voice.

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