Ok ladies and gents, this may or may not be new to you, but you need to know the social media signs that he/she just isn’t that into you. I am sure I am not alone with having a friend who saw something disturbing on Facebook or another  social media platform that set off alarms that something wasn’t right with their man/woman. In most cases, the suspitions were correct and the relationship ended soon after the signs were noticed. In an effort to make sure that you don’t get caught out there, here are some social media red flags you should look out for:

They un-tag themselves from pictures of the two of you together looking like a couple

This is definitely a huge red flag! I am yet to see a couple who is happy to claim each other make sure that there are no tagged pictures of them with their lady/man on their page. If they insist on un-tagging themselves from pictures that show you two spending time as a couple, some questions need to be asked.

You have that you’re “in a relationship” and they still have “single” or no status at all

This can and can’t be a red flag and here’s why. It is a red flag if your significant other is on social media a lot and changes things on their pages frequently, except their relationship status. Another red flag is when you request to say you are “in a relationship with” that person and they refuse to accept your invitation. Unless the two have agreed to keep their relationship a secret, most refuse to change their status because they don’t want others or a specific someone to know they are in a relationship.

They won’t accept your friend request

I don’t know many couples who aren’t friends on Facebook or following each other on Twitter. The main reason somone doesn’t want their significant other to be their friend on social media is the same reason a lot of people won’t friend their parents: they don’t want that person to see the things they say or conversations they indulge in on social media. Some people claim they are a different person on the internet as opposed to how they are in person (blank stare). Personally I think if you are in a relationship with somone you should know ALL their sides. If they want to hide their “social media selves” from you, then you need to ask yourself if you really know the person you are with.

They delete affectionate comments you post on their page

The alarms should go off here. If all affectionate posts such as, “I love you,” “thinking of you” or “can’t wait to see you” get deleted off of your significant other’s page, I say run for the hills. 10 times ouf of 10, your posts get deleted because you are a secret or the person doesn’t want their cover blown if they are dealing with somone else who is on their page. I have never heard valid reasons to delete such posts, if you have let me know.

All in all, make sure that the person that you are with is as crazy about you in public as they appear to be in private. Social media doesn’t lie.

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