This is an age old question for many couples…should they or shouldn’t they shed their private residences and shack up together.

While many people have varying opinions on living together, a new survey by SodaHead.com, the most popular opinion-based survey site on the web, found that over 70% of its 838 respondents think that living together before tying the knot is a good idea.

Proponents of moving in together cut across every age group, relationship status, and genders.

Despite a New York Times article that found that couples who live together before marriage are six percent more likely to get divorced, many couples think that cohabiting is a necessary step in figuring out if their relationship can stand the test of time (and household chores!).

According to the SodaHead survey, the overwhelming majority of couples who lived together either broke up before they jumped the broom or ended up getting married, crediting their living experience as a major factor in their marriage’s success.

Despite a growing trend in couples cohabiting, a PEW research study found that couples who live together make up just seven percent of coupled individuals.

So…is shacking up a good idea? Have you lived with a lover? What happened? 

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