From Frugivore — For years, the ‘freshman 15′ has been referenced in popular culture, as it has been widely believed that college students pack on the pounds during their first year. A recent study has shown that while there is some common weight gain among new kids on campus, its a bit less than we previously thought. Jay Zagorsky, research scientist for Ohio State University, was curious to learn how true the ‘freshman 15′ idea really was. His study on college weight gain found the average increase to be between 2.4 pounds for women and 3.4 pounds for men during the first year. Only 10 percent of the men and women who participated gained 15 or more pounds and 25 percent of students studied actually lost weight as freshmen.

The study found that college students do gain weight throughout their time in school, with women averaging increases of 7 to 9 pounds and men picking up 12 to 13 pounds during their college years.

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