Important Lessons Black Men Learned About Black Women in 2011 – The media has been obsessed with the lives of black women in the past few years. It isn’t a surprise. The appearance of black woman that defies all the dominant media narrative of black womanhood in the national spotlight, living at the most famous address in America, has sent the establishment media into a frenzy and sent them scrambling for ways to reaffirm their damaging stereotypes and create new ones. And so much of the discussion has taken place without the voices of black women that they have had to create their own media to fight back. Black women have a lot to say and in 2011 they have found many different ways to say it. Here are the major lessons we have learned about black women in 2011. (Continue Reading…)

10 People Who Shouldn’t Friend You On Facebook – Everyone knows Facebook timelines are the stuff of stalkers’ wet dreams. They make everything about your online life even more public, privacy settings be damned. But this new fangled timeline? Facebook is telling all your business in just one or two clicks. So now I’ve gotta be even more careful about who I’m adding to my friends list. I mean, I’ve always been very choosy but I need to get even choosy-er. Because there are some folks I just don’t want in my FB life–ever. In random order they are… (Continue Reading…)

Stop Holding On So Tight to Your Type – My cousin, bless his heart, has never dated a Black girl. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen him give a sister the standard-issue double take, the one where guys casually wait until a chick walks past and then snaps his neck to put her hindparts through close inspection. Holiday after holiday—and get-togethers and random visits in between—he’s been the proud drum major for a parade of white girls who’ve tagged along to meet his family. (Continue Reading…)

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