Well folks, we’re back and apparently the Thanksgiving break and the holiday season did little to to adjust the attitudes of some people.

After one of Cher’s fans tweeted her saying that Nicki Minaj dissed her in the song, “Did It On ‘Em” (uh, how long ago did that drop?), Cher brushed off the alleged diss, saying, “Ive seen lots of people come & go! No biggie!”

Well…that kicked off a bit of a dust up among the fans, and in particular, Minaj’s boyfriend and manager Safaree Samuels.

After someone pointed out that Nicki wasn’t dissing her, but rather using a metaphor, Cher admitted she was wrong, but Safaree (and Minaj’s fans) wouldn’t let it go.

Tired of being berated by Nicki’s ‘Barbies,’ Cher decided to give Twitter another break until things cooled off.

Although I love Twitter and how it allows people to interact, when it goes bad…it goes terribly wrong. Clearly these “concerned” fans were itching for a fight, but who would have ever thought that 65-year-old Cher would be beefin’ with rappers and their crews after eons in the business. Damn.

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  • Whatever

    ummm, I’m not a huge Cher fan but Nikki Minaj is nothing more than a corny gimmick. She is a caricature that will definitely come and go as Cher said.

  • secret ninja

    this guy is her manager? lmao! you’ve got to be kidding me! just goes to show money can not buy common sense or class.

  • iCAN’T

    What are the warning signs of a twitter asshole?

    You can’t spell worth a damn
    You shout out your mom while acting like a donkey
    You engage in rampant foolishness on twitter (twitter beefs)
    You keep acting like a damn fool when the other person acknowledges they were wrong and apologizes

    Seriously what the hell is wrong with this guy.

  • NY’s Finest

    Who goes in on Cher? Let’s see if Ms. Minaj will still be relevant two years from now.

  • overseashoneybee

    Bad look all around. Isn’t this the same cat that hit ole’ Nicki Nick in the lip a little while back ? If he’ll disrespect his “meal ticket”, he most definitely won’t be showing Cher or any other woman any more respect.