We can officially add Tyrese to the list of men who like to give women clichéd advice. In a recent interview with Jas Fly on behalf of NecoleBitch.com, the singer had a few words for independent women.

During the interview about his latest album, Tyrese seemed to contradict himself. On one hand he cautioned women not to rely on their sexy bodies to get what they want and to pursue a career path, but on the other, he said if women were TOO independent and had her own, she might just find herself alone.

Tyrese tempered his advice by bringing up gay men, and telling women he understands that some men are “playing on both sides of the fence,” but that there are still lot of “man’s men” still waiting for them.

While I’m happy that Tyrese is going back to singing–which is what he does best (and should stick to)–someone should tell Black Ty that he’s 2000-and-late on the advice train. But hey…if it sells albums, I guess it’s all good?

We’ll see.

What do you think of Tyrese’s advice? 

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