Tonight, the Documentary channel will be airing a poignant film by  Nicole Franklin and Jasmin Tiggett called “Little Brother: Things Fall Apart.”

The film project aims to follow several young Black boys throughout the decade to see how they cope in various urban environments while facing mounting odds.

The filmmakers describe “Little Brother” as:

A series of 15-minute documentary films dedicated to giving Black boys a unique voice. Filmmakers NICOLE FRANKLIN and JASMIN TIGGETT take an annual look at Black boys as young as nine years old for a one-on-one conversation demystifying what society tends to rob them of: LOVE.

Little Brother: Things Fall Apart is the first installment in the series. Set in Camden, New Jersey, well-known as one of the nation’s most dangerous cities, the film takes a look at boys growing up amongst extreme violence, poverty and crime, and explores their feelings on love and relationships set against impossible odds.

The first part of the documentary airs tonight at 8pm (and again at 11pm).

Check out the trailer for “Little Brother.” Will you be tuning in? 

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