Nabiha: nah BEE hah – Eminent, noble

When you’re born with a name that carries an air of royalty it can be hard to live up to, but Danish and African singer/songwriter Nabiha Bensouda has risen to the challenge. The eldest of six brothers and sisters, Nabiha’s musical beginnings flourished in her home with music, dancing and singing. Today Nabiha has woven her musical upbringing into a funky mix of disco, soul, reggae, rock, R&B, and even her mother’s Malian lullabies. As if almost effortlessly, Nabiha uses her eclectic style of music to express her emotions and connect with fans, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of everyone who listens. Her debut hit album Cracks produced two top ten hits on Danish radio, “Deep Sleep” and “The Enemy” and has set the young star on the path to international stardom.

Music isn’t the only thing we love about this fresh face on the scene, Nabiha’s playful, carefree style has also caught our eye and has her making a name for herself in Europe’s fashion scene. Her big hair, colorful makeup and bold outfits reflect her personality and individual style. Nabiha is definitely living up to her name and is a woman to keep your eye on as she continues to make music that touches the soul. Check out some of her music below.


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