The phrase “Yeezy taught you” has almost become to be synonymous with Amber Rose, but Kanye’s former muse seems to be the one who dropped some jewels on him: Be humble.

After uncharacteristically thanking Philly for producing an “incredible” person, many realized—some for the first time—that Rose was probably the heart in the relationship. Perhaps she bestowed some of her cheerfulness on Ye, and even though she says he was an asshole—she wishes him well.

Breaking up with an ex is never easy. If you were in love and things later soured, the split could have easily left you feeling scarred and angry. But once your pain dissipates and you’ve had a little time to reflect, sometimes you can be thankful that your ex left you with a few lessons that will help you in the future.

Recently, rapper-turned-actor Common sat down with Black Enterprise to discuss his new memoir, his role on AMC’s ‘Hell On Wheels,’ and his forthcoming album. During the interview, however, Common got all up in his feelings and reminisced about what his well-publicized relationship with Erykah Badu taught him about himself.

Common reflected: “During our relationship, I often chose to think, I’ll chill and let other people get their way, because that’s just who I was in all of my relationships with friends and family. I’d choose to take a [backseat], and getting to see that in myself while she and I were together was enlightening. I eventually realized I don’t need to be that person. I learned to speak my mind and be the man I’m supposed to be.”

Thinking back on my past relationships, I can honestly say that I learned quite a bit. Not only did I learn the power of being totally vulnerable with your partner, but I also learned to speak my mind, set boundaries, and not settle for subpar treatment.

Even when relationships don’t work out, we can walk away with lessons that will last a lifetime. What were yours?

Did you learn a lesson from your last relationship? 

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