As adults we would all like to think that we can do and say whatever we want to whomever we want to. We’re proud to exclaim “I’m grown” to anyone who dares to tell us about ourselves…anyone except our mothers that is. Last night on the season two premiere of Braxton Family Values, the queen diva in charge herself Tamar got the piss verbally slapped out of her by her mother Miss Evelyn (aka Miss E) after a heated argument between Tamar, Toni and Traci the day before. Miss E felt like Tamar disrespected her by walking out of the house when she was speaking to her and decided to confront her about it the next morning. After a tense argument, Miss E had enough, and in a quote that I’m sure will go down in reality television and motherhood history, she told Tamar “”I will slap the piss out of you! Try me, think I’m playing!”

With that simple line Miss E caused daughters and sons across America to have flashbacks of their childhood and the times their mothers had to remind them who is boss. However that was childhood and at this point we’re all full grown adults, is it okay for our mothers to still speak to us that way? Even Tamar was a bit shocked that her mother went there with her and appeared genuinely shocked. I may be grown, but never too grown to be put in my place as far as my family is concerned which is why unless it’s absolutely necessary…I watch my mouth and manners. Personally, I haven’t had to have any similar situations with my own mother, but I can tell you right now, if I even attempted to step out of line the West Indian version of Miss E’s statement followed by two lashes and a cuff would definitely be occurring. No matter how old you get, there can only be one Queen Mama Bee and if your mothers are anything like mine and Tamar’s, they will be quick to remind your overgrown adult behind of that very fact.

Does your mom still come at you like Momma Braxton? How do you handle it?

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