The ladies of Love & Hip-Hop returned last night and it was a doozy.

After last season’s fabricated drama between Chrissy and Somaya petered out, the show’s creators seemed to be looking for some way to amp up the conflicts to compete with VH1’s other hit, Basketball Wives. Well, the season premiere was certainly filled with TONS of spats to keep folks talking.

This season, Chrissy and Jim Jones are still on their Bonnie and Clyde thing, but Mama Jones is determined to drive them apart. After releasing a diss track about Chrissy, Jim vowed to finally try to get his mom to back off of the woman he loves.

But the big drama started when Emily (the mother of Fabolous’ son), invited the girls over for a “Freedom” party to celebrate her split from Loso (but they’re currently back together).  During the evening, newcomer Kimbella (Juelz Santana’s girlfriend and mother of his children) told Emily that she slept with Fab three years ago. After quickly doing the math and realizing she was pregnant with Fab’s son during the time in question, Emily tried to put on a brave face and say the news didn’t hurt her feelings, but her bestie Chrissy wasn’t ready to let it slide.

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After calling out Kimbella for dropping the bomb on Emily, things went from bad to worse. Chrissy decided to serve up a beat down on Kimbella for disrespecting Emily.


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While I appreciate Chrissy’s loyalty and that she has her girl’s back, handling any situation—let alone fighting over a man—with violence isn’t the answer.


But was she wrong for stepping in on her friend’s behalf or should have Kimbella kept her mouth shut in the first place?


Let us know, Clutchettes. 

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