After the American Music Awards this past weekend, many of the blogs were talking about Sean Kingston’s date, Maliah Michel. Apparently Maliah used to date our favorite emo rapper Drake, and because of this, many accused Sean of picking up Drizzy’s “sloppy seconds.”

Kingston felt the need to defend his date and tweeted, “Sloppy seconds?…Not that at all…she is a great woman with a great heat that deserves the best in life.”

Although he later deleted the tweet, I applaud Sean for standing up for someone he obviously likes.

This scenario has played out over and over again. When Amber Rose began dating rapper Wiz Khalifa after her well-publicized relationship with Kanye West, many said Wiz was dating Yeezy’s “leftovers,” as if Rose was somehow a commodity who lost value simply because she switched beaus.

Ceartainly, the phrase “sloppy seconds” is nothing new. Whenever an ex hooks up with another person, some of us might have said that so-and-so got our “sloppy seconds” in order to make ourselves feel better about the break-up, but is that fair?

If the definition of “sloppy seconds” means dating someone who previously dated someone else…doesn’t that mean we are all someone’s “sloppy seconds”?

As the world of celebrity gossip intensifies, you can’t go a day without hearing of someone dating another celeb’s former flame. While the visibility of such a partnership might be higher because of the glare of the spotlight, dating, breaking up, and hooking up with someone else is nothing new. The term “sloppy seconds” not only implies that the person is somehow damaged goods after the relationship, but that their new boo could have done better.

These days, I’ve rarely heard the term applied to men. Typically, the “sloppy seconds” label is attached to women who choose to date men in the same industry, as if she is just supposed to swear off all men in a particular business simply because she dated one. While it might sound like a good idea if we’re talking about rappers and ballers, would the same be said of someone who dated doctors or engineers? Probably not.

At the end of the day, we all have pasts. And as long as you’re not dating your ex’s bestie (or close friend), alls fair in love and dating.

What do you think of the term “sloppy seconds,” Clutchettes and Gents? Let’s talk about it! 

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