Clutchettes, you know that we love accessories that aren’t seen on the masses. If you’re anything like us then, you’ll agree that Mana Couture is heavensent. Not your everyday accessories line, Mana Couture stands out because, as founder Maryann Talia Pau puts it, she creates every piece with love and so much more.

“Each work is an offering of who I am, who I love and honour. Every piece comes from love. For me it has to. Love for who I am, for my family, our earth, our land, our people. Always love. Because love is power,” is how Maryann describes her pieces.

Maryann got her start as a weaver, artist and designer 14 years ago, which eventually led to the creation of “Mana Couture body adornment, affectionately referred to as Pacific bling, a collection of Pacific couture and art using materials and craft techniques from her island home, Samoa and across the Pacific.”

The visionary, whose other passions include siapo (Samoan bark cloth) textiles and architecture, has always harbored a love for jewelry. “It all began with a love for big bold jewelry. As a teenager, the pieces I began to make for myself and the materials I was drawn to reflected a love for Pacific design and style. This in turn led to a desire to learn more about my Pacific identity. I wanted to celebrate being Samoan and share it; to normalise it as well,” she says.

That’s why we love Mana Couture so. The Pacific culture is beautiful and so are these accessories. You can learn more about the line here. In the meantime, see our favorite looks below:

–Channing Hargrove

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