More magazine did their third annual workplace report and found that 43% of women in the workplace described themselves as less ambitious than 10 years ago. According to the findings, women today want to be able to have more flexibility in their careers and more “me time.”

Times have changed and more women have decided that they no longer want to live to work, but rather work to live. The study also finds that women no longer desire to have their bosses jobs. It comes down to the age old work/life balance. The question has always been asked if we can have it all. More women are choosing a happier quality of life over working 50 hours a week or more in order to get that promotion.

It isn’t neccessarily about wanting a marriage and family, but just having a life. Apparently climbing the corporate ladder is no longer the top priority for working women. They want to make a living, but want to be able to leave work in the office once they leave for the day instead of taking it home with them.

Are women cutting themselves short with this new mentality or rather putting themselevs and their livelihood first? Talk about it!

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