The world of fashion is most certainly exciting. The colors, textures, patterns and designs meld together to create clothing that is bigger and bolder than even some of our wildest imaginations. We drool over it, read about it, make movies and even spend all we have trying to imitate it. Even if you aren’t the biggest label whore or fashionista, you still strive to be somewhat on point with the latest fashion trend. The problem is some of us don’t do such a good job of putting it all together.

With all the different styles and designers to choose from it’s hard not to become overwhelmed with what to do with it all and more often than we care to admit, we need help putting things together. Something as simple as trying to figure out what accessories to wear with which blouse or which heels go best with which type of jeans or blazer can confuse even the most diehard fashion guru. So what could be the answer to this fashion emergency, why a fashion stylist of course. Now I know you’re thinking hiring a stylist is an unnecessary expense, but think about it, no more worrying about what to wear to that dinner with your new boo’s parents, that talk of the town New Year’s Eve party or that important job interview. All you would have to do is call your fashion genie and your style worries would disappear; mixing and matching the latest trends would be a breeze! So, if you had the money…

Would you hire a fashion stylist? What fashion trends are you having trouble pulling together?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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