2012: Game On!


It’s hard to believe that we are about to bid adieu to 2011. But now that reality has set in, we also need to set our priorities in order so that we can receive the New Year with gusto!

This last week of 2011 is a good opportunity to sit back, breath, meditate and consider what your goals are or should be moving forward. Are you stuck in a career rut? Maybe instead of spending another year complaining about it, you should use this time to strategize and perhaps map out a plan you can execute successfully that will get you on the right track to a more fulfilling role either with the same company or elsewhere. Perhaps you need to take the plunge and switch careers and finally pursue that dream job you have been putting on hold.

2012 can also be the year to embark on a mission that will allow you to help make the world a better place. If you are not already involved in volunteer work, next year might be a good time to start. It’s both a rewarding and humbling experience.

The bottom-line is that being alive and well is the best way to receive the beginning of a new year, and if you are lucky enough to own that, then you have to make it count. Think about how you will make 2012 the luckiest and most gratifying year of your life.

Let the games begin!

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