Since news of Kobe and wife Vanessa Bryant’s divorce became public many have been attempting to paint the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Bryant as the ultimate gold digger. Apparently, she stands to receive upwards of $100 million from the divorce as well as lifetime alimony payments (or until she remarries).

Now, we even have Vanessa’s (obviously bitter) ex-stepfather jumping on the “‘Nessa’s a gold diger” band wagon. In a recent interview, Stephen Laine told reporters that Vanessa learned her tricks from his “spiteful” ex-wife who divorced him after twelve-and-half years of marriage when he cheated on her. Ironic, much?

Laine says:

Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing]. In California … it’s considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries … just like her mother is doing to me.”

I have to pay her mom $1,800 every month and clearly they don’t need it. I have a six-year-old daughter and that money could be used toward her college fund or something … you’d think she’d care … but no, she’s spiteful.”

When celebrities divorce, especially Black celebs, the chorus of people who come forward wondering why the wife “deserves” millions of dollars just for having kids or just for putting up with their partner’s shenanigans is almost standard. But why? To me, Kobe is an adult, he made choices, and now he has to live with them. At the end of the day he won’t be broke and destitute, so why are so many others counting his chips and throwing his wife under the bus?

Apparently, Vanessa Bryant is a woman fed up, but a gold digger? I think not. Here are my reasons:

She’s been married to Kobe for a decade: Despite some who feel that ‘Nessa stuck it out with Kobe for 10 years to be eligible for some “long term” marriage status, let’s be real. Ten years is a mighty long time. That isn’t a fly-by-night operation (ask Kim K.). Vanessa married Kobe at 18, gave up her entire twenties to be in the burning spotlight, and despite reports that she’s mean, she hasn’t been in the media acting a fool (or on Basketball Wives looking dumb). She’s played the background, raising her daughters, and supporting her dude…who, apparently, has wandering eyes (and other body parts). Gold diggers don’t stick around for a decade, and they for damn sure don’t stick around after they’ve been publicly humiliated (ask Elin Woods). Vanessa could have left Kobe long ago and would have gotten the same dough, but she didn’t.

She’s had his back: If Vanessa was REALLY in it for the paper, I think she would have broken out after the Colorado rape allegation. Not only was her husband accused of raping someone, but he later admitted–on national TV–to cheating on her. Couple that with the fact that she stood by him–on camera–while many called her a fool and her dude a rapist is some serious dedication. I’m not sure many of us could have survived that with Ray Ray down the street, let alone managed to keep it together under the hot glare of the spotlight. But Vanessa stood by Kobe and continued to do so for eight more years.

They have children: I know, some people think it’s in the Gold Digger handbook to have a baby by him and be a millionaire, but Kobe and Vanessa have a family. They did it the “traditional” way and got hitched and then had children. They even suffered through a miscarriage together before eventually having two beautiful daughters. I could be wrong, but I don’t think she had the children to “trap” Kobe, but rather because they were married and eventually, that’s what married people do–have kids. Shocking, I know. I’d even venture to say that Vanessa stuck it out this long, despite Kobe’s alleged longtime infidelity, because of her daughters.

At the end of the day Kobe and Vanessa loved each other, exchanged vows, built a life, had a family, and couldn’t keep their relationship going. Simple as that. Is she a gold digger by default because her husband is worth millions? Not in my opinion, but broke dudes who have little more than lint and some Jordans to their name seem to think so.

But what do you think? Is Vanessa Bryant a gold digger or does she ‘deserve’ the money? Sound off!

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