I’m fresh off my trip to London and the travel bug has official bitten me. As I compulsively make my list for spots to hit in 2012, I ran across pictures of Solange Knowles and her boo as they went to a friend’s wedding. This got me to thinking about some of the spots I’d love to hit up once I’m boo’d up. Of course, like any worldly, independent Clutchette I’m not waiting for a partner to see the world, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think some cities just screamed romance.

So, here are 5 trips you should definitely take with your boo thang:

Paris: There are few cities more romantic than the City of Lights. As I strolled around Paris alone, I instantly felt sexier, so just imagine if you ambled through the tiny streets and ducked into the dimly lit cafes to share a hot chocolate with your partner. Couple that with a picnic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or taking in the skyline at Sacré-Cœur and you’ve got a romantic rendezvous just waiting to happen.

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara may be a sleepy beach town on the California coast, but with tons of restaurants, first-rate hotels, amazing views and local wineries, it’s the perfect spot for couples. You can spend the day shopping in many of its one-of-a-kind shops or indulging in spa treatments before having dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Jamaica: Few views can rival that of the Caribbean Sea or from the top of the Blue Mountains. With pristine beaches, turquoise water, and an undeniable rhythm, Jamaica is one of the most romantic places on the Earth. If you and your boo want to lay on the beach and relax or hike your way across the island, Jamaica has it all.

New York City: When I first moved to NYC I was happily in love. The city seemed brand new, and although I had been there before, I reveled in seeing it anew with my lover. Much like Paris, New York is packed with dimly lit bistros, jazz clubs, and rooftop escapes that can serve as a little slice of heaven. There’s so much to see and do, NYC can be as relaxed or as lively as you want it.

Zanzibar: I’ve never been to Tanzania’s most famous beaches, but from the looks of things it’s absolutely gorgeous. Spending the day exploring the white sand beaches of Tumbatu Island sounds like the most deserted and romantic thing in the world. Picture being shipwrecked with your boo, the two of you the only ones for miles and miles, the ocean beating on your backs and only God’s eyes looking down on you…and you know he won’t tell.

Have you taken a romantic get-away? Where would you like to go with your partner? 

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  • I have never taken a romantic trip anywhere, but I’d like to experience Paris with that special someone, to see the city under a different light. Italy also sounds like a great place to travel to with a lover.

  • Bosslady

    I would love to go New Orleans with a lover, I have been twice with friends, very romantic and Parisan, plus I just watched Boomerang yesterday, and Eddie and Robin Givens got it on there on their business trip! Lol

  • Ann

    I’ve been to Paris and he’s been all over Italy so the only place we can agree on is Greece. Now all we need is for their economy to get better so it’s a little safer for tourists.