A new picture has been floating around on the internet of a crazed phenomena occurring in Ghana, wherein men are sucking women’s breast out in open public spaces. People are aghast, probably rightfully so. Such, displays of carnal affection are designed for the bedroom, or at least those people who sign up to take part in public freak shows. I use this new lascivious trend to give an example of how most of our minds are conditioned to view the adult males relationship with breast sucking, as one dimensional, and purely sexual; when in fact there are multiple other ways in which breast, female boobies, ta-ta’s, tits, or whatever name you use to call our beautiful suckling bags, can be a source of refreshment to our men.

A few years ago I was having a conversation one of my lovers, and posed this question to him, “If we had a baby, would you drink my breast milk?” Surprisingly the answer to my question was “Yes”. (To be honest, this was partially a test question on my part.)I don’t think his answer however represents the norm for most men, but it did spark my further inquiry in researching this subject.

Before you dismiss the notion of your man suckling milk from your mammary glands, let’s be clear, that I am not advocating ‘erotic lactation’ as it is called in some communities, but if that is your cup of milk, I will not judge. However, if we examine Adult Nursing from the vantage point of a woman’s natural, primordial role, being that of nurturer, then this concept can easily extend to nurturing your partner in this context as well, right? Some may quip that a man who would suckle the milk of a woman’s bosom as some type of sordid Oedipus fixation, but I strongly beg to differ. If one follows this line of reasoning, what then accounts for adult proclivities toward consuming cow milk? Is that some form of suppressed psychosomatic longing to engage in bestiality? I think not. So let’s dispel any Freudian argument against it.

Most of us drink cow milk, and cow milk was designed for whom, you guessed it, baby cows! So why are most people so squeamish of the idea when it comes to humans drinking the milk of a healthy female of their OWN species? After all, it is steeped in nutritional value, and good enough to support the growth and development of babies, so why not good enough for fully grown adults? This perplexes me much. To be sure humans are the only animals who consume milk beyond the stages of infancy, but I can understand this, because milk is a much more viable and tasty alternative than water to pour onto your morning cornflakes.

There are manifold benefits in participating in ANR. Aside from the intimate bonding and emotional closeness that would take place between you and your partner during and as a result of ANR, it also has some very practical benefits. Breast feeding is known to speed along weight loss after pregnancy. I would imagine having a fully grown adult male consuming your breast milk along with an infant child would have you back down to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time! Additionally, breast milk is loaded with nutrients, good fats and proteins, has infection fighting properties, cancer patients are even given healthy doses of it during chemotherapy, it does not spoil, and not to mention ladies, you know you really got your man if he is suckling from your titties like a baby. I’m just saying.

So eliminating any thoughts of perversion, would you consider giving Adult Nursing a try, or is it too farfetched of a notion? Do you think your man would get with the program, or would it be a hard sale? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I have always fantasized about having an ANR.
    I would need help inducing lactation.
    Such a beautiful thing!