Picture-426Ever been on a flight to your dream destination, watching the people coming down the aisle and praying to anyone within ear shot that none of them sits next to you? We’ve all got travel horror stories of being trapped next to the stinky guy, cranky baby or Chatty Cathy for hours on end with no relief in sight. Well jetsetters fear no longer! Dutch airline KLM is hoping to take some of that stress away by letting you choose who you sit next to based on a Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Details are still on the hush, but recently a KLM exec let it slip at a meeting that the airline is indeed planning to give flyers some sort of ability to be seated based on Facebook or LinkedIn profile compatibility. No it’s not some kind of mile high dating service, but it will allow you to do some networking in the friendly skies. The idea is this, if you’re a writer, you could potentially be able to pick a seat next to another writer, a magazine editor or maybe even a literary agent, all based on information you’ve seen on their profile.

It’s not clear how much information you might be able to see about the potential seat mate you’ll be sharing an armrest with, nor is it clear how the process might work, but the idea if done properly has the potential to become huge. Not only will you actually be interested in speaking to the person sitting next to you for a change, but imagine the business ideas and deals that could potentially be made. No official announcements have been made by the airline, but KLM hopes to launch their ‘social seating’ idea sometime in 2012.

Gives a whole new meaning to changing your life in just one flight!

Would you link your Facebook or Twitter feed to your airline traveler’s profile? Or do you prefer to take your chances and fly in silence?

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