BET has announced the premiere date of the sitcom comeback phenom, “The Game.” Fans, clear your calendar, set your DVR, and prepare to get down with season 5 of the hit show set to air on January 10, at 10pm.

After its hiatus from the small screen, thanks to the CW, The Game debuted on its new home for its fourth season attracting 7.7 million viewers, making it the best showing for the series on cable and broadcast ever, and BET’s most-watched telecast.

As we approach the eve of the new season, BET provides the following recap on the drama revolving around the San Diego-based ensemble:

If you haven’t dug it yet, check a sneak peek of what is to come…

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  • AJ

    This show SUCKS…why do people make it into such a big deal?? I have never understood, honestly.

  • Naffy

    Sounds like Kelly Pitts is coming back, and I’m pleased about that. Her and Jason were the funniest couple on the show. Now all they gotta do is cut out all the over the top dramatics and bring back more jokes. I miss funny Malik. I can’t stand bitchy Melanie, bring back goofy Melanie! And bring back original Brit Brat! lol

  • shadow

    The show has gotten a little too serious. I did enjoy it more when it had the sitcom edge. I just figured they were trying to make it close to how life as and/or with a professional ball player can be. I’ll give it a try, but they are starting to lose me.

  • Cynthia

    Speaking of the “Game” this show needs to step up its game. Wasn’t impressed at all with the last season.

  • Still Got Love for the Game

    I just glad the game is back!! This season was a little different, but still the best black cast sitcom on the tube. Glad the show recognized Kelly and Jason are the heart of the show.