Rumor has it that Beyonce & Jay-Z are expecting their first child any moment now. Allegedly, staff at NYC’s St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital were decking out the power couple’s VIP labor suite yesterday in preparation for the occasion. Beyonce has been spotted in New York pretty consistently over the last few months, the Mirror reports, and the fact that bestie Alicia Keys gave birth in the same luxury ward only adds to the suspense.

Tina Knowles and Solange were spotted in New York yesterday, the Mirror continues, and are thought to have arrived just in time for the mega-star’s first delivery.


If the rumors are true, we wish Beyonce & Jay-Z all the best!

Click here for the Mirror’s speculation…

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  • Tiredofstupidity

    LMAO at the dumb letter posted above. Who stepped aside for Beyonce? No one did,she was talented and the BEST,and that is why she is where she is today. It is no one’s business about when she goes back to work! She can do as she pleases,and sorry,she aint sitting down for mediocre lazy chicks to shine….she is about her business of being a superstar!

    Oh and to the poster criticizing her about no college…then bringing up Princess Diana,and Charlotte Casaragi,who have not completed high school level work which Beyonce did at least–that is some nonsense there! Beyonce is as celebrated in Europe as in the US,sorry to burst your bubble! There is nothing mediocre about Beyonce… better recognize that….!