Alcoholism is a disease that strikes people of all races and creed, but after some thorough research, it was quite interesting to unearth some facts about the relationship between alcohol and women, particularly black women.

For example, women whose lives are overflowing with responsibilities both at home and at work, tend to not have issues with the bottle while women who have a lot more time on their hands are more likely to abuse alcohol.

Further inquiry also turned up results that prove that women who were married or in stable committed relationships were less inclined to become alcoholics. I guess we can understand that concept! They are probably fulfilled in ways that make them not so drawn to drinking in order to escape loneliness or depression. Not to say the single ladies are more prone to feeling pathetic but having a satisfactory family life probably makes it easier not to delve in the desperate world of alcoholism.

Another revealing find tears down the stereotypes about alcohol and black women. It has now been confirmed that black women drink considerably less than their white counterparts. The statistics show that 46 percent of black women are more likely to refrain from drinking while 34 percent of white women will struggle to do the same. But despite that fact, black women suffer significantly more from alcohol-related illnesses. Hispanic women did not rate very high in the drinking department but researchers predict that will change due to more social assimilation through the workforce.

Alcohol abuse can be an ugly and paralyzing disease, but at least its good to know that black women are not the frontrunners for this particular impediment.

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