Students at Brigham Young University-Idaho are up in arms and ready to defend their fashion rights after the Mormon university posted a new sign in the university’s testing center that read simply, “No skinny jeans.” Skinny jeans have become a popular clothing staple amongst students and celebs alike, however the university is known for its strict honor codes so when Advancement Vice President Henry J. Eyring was asked whether skinny jeans are in violation of the university’s honor code his answer was not surprising to many:
“It’s useful for us to realize that fashions will come and go. There will always be some tempting new style. Skinny jeans are really form-fitting, like jeggings, which are technically leggings, they show a lot of curves.”

But are skinny jeans simply getting a bad rap at the conservative school? Students like BYU-Idaho student Zach Cooper think so, “I think it is pretty ridiculous. We already aren’t allowed to wear shorts or flip-flops, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if they banned skinny jeans as well. This school is crazy.”

According to an official BYU statement the school has not imposed a specific ban on jeggings, but do believe students should abide by the modest dress code. The statement says:
We have not identified “skinny jeans” as a specific violation of the dress and grooming standard. We are aware of the incident and the Student Honor Office is working with the Testing Center to address the issue.
…The Testing Center has not made any new standard, nor has there been a ban of a particular piece of clothing. The effort of the Testing Center as well as with other employees and students is to encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code.

Do you think a ban on skinny jeans is going too far?

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