Another day, another school official that has proven they can’t handle being in a position of power. Principal Sharron Smalls, of New York’s Jane Addams High School is under fire, again, for posting a revealing picture to her personal Facebook page. The photo, which surfaced after students began passing it around the school last week, shows Smalls next to a topless man as he pours a dark liquid substance over her.

The 43-year-old teacher is already under investigation for massive course credit scandal at her F rated high school that may have jeopardized graduation for half of the current senior class. Smalls is accused of handing students chemistry credits for cosmetology courses and geography credits for tourism classes. Education Department spokeswoman Margie Feinberg questioned Smalls’ choices as a school leader saying, “When you are in a leadership position in a school, you have to consider the potential downside of exposing your personal life on social media.”

Long time teachers of Jane Addams have also spoken out about their principal’s lack of leadership and positive example. Stephen Tavano, who has taught math at Jane Addams for 19 years and heads the local chapter of the teachers union says, “These photos are just another example of our leader’s poor judgment. No matter how this turns out, principal Smalls needs to go.”

What do you think of teachers participating in social media? Should it be allowed?

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  • damidwif

    i am rotflmfao. id love to meet this principal. in fact, im going to see if i can go about contacting her. lol. if i worked at an f school, id want a little dark liquid poured on me from time to time, too. certainly she already gets shat on daily while at the job.

  • Vee

    First of all, she’s an adult, she isn’t naked, and I don’t find this picture to be “revealing”–unless you are referring to how it “reveals” the fact that she’s grown and has fun like everyone else. Of course, if she was going to use her Facebook profile for showcasing her recreational activities, as opposed to any variety of professional uses, she should have taken more care in choosing who she “friend”-ed….

    That said, her Facebook page is a meaningless detail in her list of transgressions involving her job. If it had already come out that she was cheating students out of an appropriate education, and that her school is failing, then she should have already lost her job, Facebook photos be damned.

  • African Mami

    What is an F school?! I do not understand…that dude is HOT!

  • QON

    How did the kids get on her facebook page? Youre the teacher not the homie. You shouldnt have your students as friends on facebook or just have more than one facebook account. Still she wasnt being responsible. She can do what she wants but she doesnt have a regular job. She is the steward of children and has to set a good example. I am sick of this attitude that decency is passe and anything goes. No. These are children who need to have a healthy respect for their teachers as serious professinals. Dont like it, find another job.

  • NY’s Finest

    “dark liquid substance” has me lol