The recent demise of the Bryant’s marriage brings up a subject that a lot of people would probably prefer to dodge. Rumor has it that some of the NBA wives hinted to Vanessa that her NBA superstar hubby was having a little too much fun off the court. But considering Kobe’s track record, it’s hard to imagine that his wife was secure with idea that he was consistently being faithful. It’s possible that she would have pushed for divorce without the help of the swirling gossip mill or the eager whispers of her counterparts.

So that brings us to the question of the day; would you consider it your duty as a friend to let her know that her man is betraying her or would you stay out of it and hope that she will figure it out eventually?

Some may argue that it depends on how close your friendship is since that will be your way of deciphering what your scorned friend’s reaction will be to the bad news. But do you want to be the middle man in such a scenario? It’s never easy to watch someone you care about ignorantly blissful of potentially devastating news, but it may not work in your favor to include yourself in the equation either.

In most cases the wives already have some inkling that their relationship is not on solid ground but they need that vital evidence to help confirm their nagging suspicions.

What do you think? Is it best to play the supporting role when all hell breaks loose or would you willingly be an accessory to your friend’s dissolved marriage?

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  • L.

    Yes I would say something to my friend about it. I had a friend with a cheating boyfriend in high school and I never told her about the rumors I heard (I never actually caught him cheating). They broke up after high school when he got another girl pregnant. I told someone about this when I was in college and they mentioned something I don’t think most people consider…. if you know someone’s significant other is being unfaithful, there is a possiblity your friend can get a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Miranda

    Depending on what kind of relationship your friend has with the man, if it is an abusive relationship perhaps you should tell her, however if it is a loving relationship and this has not happened before, you should talk to the guy first and give him the opportunity to make it right. If he doesn’t make it right, then you can talk to your friend.

  • Felicia

    Here’s the thing. It’s not always a comfortable situation no matter one’s pov, whether from that of the girlfriend being told the bad news or the friend telling it. But if I found out my bf was cheating on me and subsequently became aware that my best friend knew all along and never told me? We’re done. There’s absolutely no trust there.

    Of course it depends on the nature of the friendship–I’m not jumping into a boiling vat of drama for some random acquaintance, but if it’s my best friend, someone I dearly care for, and I know (not just suspect, mind you. There has to be some REASON to support the accusations) the man she’s with is cheating on her, I’ve got her back, and I’m certainly not gonna protect some cheating bastard through passive silence for the sake of my own selfish desire to “not get involved.” I consider my best friends’ potential heartache my own personal business as well, and I would hope they would feel the same way towards me.

  • AB

    I’ve learned the hard way to just keep my mouth SHUT unless I’m asked. Everytime I’ve done otherwise, I ended up losing a friend, even after they’ve had to discover the truth on their own. I’m starting to think it’s a matter or pride to the person being cheated on; they don’t like being the only person not in on what’s really going on, I guess.

  • African Mami

    A marriage is between two people! I would NOT say anything! SHOOT ME!!!!!!!