A very good friend of mine is one of those gals who almost always ends up the life of the party. Everywhere we go, guys flock to her and she delightfully revels in all the attention. She is just one of those chicks who effortlessly oozes sex appeal and no matter how understated she tries to be, she always manages to electrify the night.

I love it! She makes no apologies for loving guys and she is the ultimate flirt and looking the way she does pretty much guarantees that she wont be standing in a corner alone watching other girls have all the fun. But there are some girls in our posse who are not all that comfortable hanging with someone whose light shines so bright that it threatens to sometimes leave them in the dark. They are not impressed with her ravenous appetite for guys and her ability to juggle them without missing a beat. Could it be that they view her as a threat? It’s easy to be judgmental when you secretly wish you possessed those same qualities. Every girl wants to be the belle of the ball and if one in particular manages to wear that crown every time does it get old for everybody else?

Perhaps if you are confident with your own sensuality and flirtatious skill level, you would be too busy having fun to even notice when your friend is preying on her latest victim. There is nothing slutty about a confident woman who enjoys the company of men and thrives off of the benefits that come with that. As long as no lines are crossed within the friendship, everyone is entitled to have a good time in whatever way they choose.

Would you be reluctant to have a “maneater” as a friend?

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