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Over the last year, it seems like Black celebrities have shifted into the limelight in terms of representing weight loss products. With Charles Barkley joining Jennifer Hudson as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and Janet Jackson repping Nutrisystem, it’s clear that weight loss companies are beginning to target the Black American demographic for its consumer potential. As Black Americans continue to have high obesity rates and weight-related illnesses, there’s a dire need for effective, inspiring weight loss programs that can catalyze a shift in health consciousness. However, most of these programs are not affordable for the average family. And thus, it’s unlikely for Black celebrity spokespersons, regardless of status, to inspire the average individual to purchase these products.

The majority of people struggling with weight issues are underprivileged with limited access to fresh food and fitness programs. Thus, how likely is it for a thousand-dollar weight loss program to make it into the hands of those who need it most? Of course, celebrities primarily take on endorsement contracts for financial gain. But it’s also possible that Barkley, Hudson, and Jackson truly have an affinity for promoting healthy lifestyles and want to help people take back control of their bodies.


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