Chris Rock was recently interviewed by Alec Baldwin for his new podcast “Here’s The Thing.” When asked how picky he is about the films he does, Rock responded:

“Most movies suck, man, really suck. See, I’m messed up ’cause I like to see somethin’ I haven’t seen or I haven’t seen with a black person. Black people in film is still at its — really at its infant stage…

You know, you hand a studio person a script, and sometimes the studio people are good. Ninety-nine percent of the time when you hand somebody a script, they pick a person in the movie that they identify with. So if you hand a woman a script, if the woman’s got nine lives in the movie, the first person she gives you notes about is the woman. 
And if you hand the boss the script, he’s gonna give you notes about the main character. And if you hand his assistant the script, he’s gonna give you notes about some other. Everybody figures out who they are in the movie. Now, when you hand somebody a black script, they don’t relate to anybody in it.”

Alec Baldwin then asked what happens when you find an executive that does relate to a black person in the script. To this, Rock replied:

“No, well, it’s — it’s never really happened.”

Read more of Chris Rock sounding off on getting older, staying relevant, and toeing the line between entertaining black and white audiences at The Root and WNYC.

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  • Joan

    This is the guy who made Pootie Tang, right?

    • Mimi

      He may have made Pootie Tang (which I must admit, I did not see because I never thought the skits were funny), but he does have a valid point in what he said in the interview.

  • am i the only person that finds pootie tang funny

  • B

    @Joan and Ross: Pootie Tang is actually hilarious, imo. Anyway, I agree with Chris Rock on this point: “Most movies suck, man, really suck. ” Movies really do suck these days – there’s a rare gem that makes it to the movies, usually once a year. I’m looking forward to seeing Pariah this month, and Attack the Block was awesome! But otherwise, 90% of movies that come to the cinemas: just lame.

  • I liked Pootie Tang too! lol And the movie was definitely different from what I am accustomed to seeing on the big screen.

  • LurkerG

    I like what he’s saying here. And I liked Pootie Tang AND CB4. :P