It’s December, and Arctic-like temperatures are coming fast, forcing many of us into seasonal hermit mode. Sure, Winter is probably the best season for curling up with a few good books, developing a new indoor hobby or some other such “enlightening” and/or educational pursuit, but it also provides the perfect excuse to indulge in the most irresistible form of brain candy: Television. This winter’s midseason line-up is filled with an interesting mix of new and returning shows. Below, you’ll find a number of suggestions gathered from both major networks, cable channels, and even a l’il something from PBS, followed by a list of upcoming DVD releases for the movie-marathoners.



Castle – Mondays @ 10pm

Grey’s Anatomy – Thursdays @ 9pm

Private Practice – Thursdays @ 10pm

Missing – Thursdays @ 8pm (series premieres March 15)

Scandal (series premiere in March – day & time TBA)



The Game – new season premieres Sunday, January 8 @ 10pm

Let’s Stay Together new season premieres Tuesday January 10 @ 10pm



Real Housewives of Atlanta – Sundays @ 9pm

Chef Roble & Co. Sundays @ 10pm

Top Chef – Wednesdays @ 10pm



The Finder – new series premieres Thursday, January 12 @ 9pm

Touch – Special preview January 25 at 9pm. New series to begin Monday, March 19 @ 9pm



Grimm – Fridays @ 9pm

Celebrity Apprentice – new season starts Sunday, February 12 @ 9pm

The Voice – new season starts Sunday, February 5 @ 8pm, then resumes February 6

Fashion Star – new series debuts Tuesday, March 13 @ 9pm, will resume on March 20.



Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – 10-part series debuts Sunday, March 25 @ 8pm


TV One

Love That Girl – Mondays @ 8pm

UnSung – returns Monday January 2 @ 10pm

Verses & Flow – Thursdays @ 11pm



Common Law – new series begins Thursday, January 26 @ 10pm



T.I. & Tiny Family Hustle – Mondays @ 9pm


Premium Networks


HBO Documentaries:

Sing Your Song – The inspirational life story of Harry Belafonte

“There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane”


Showtime Series

Dexter – Sundays @ 9pm

Homeland – debuts on Sunday December 11 @ 10pm

House of Lies – new series to begin on Sunday, January 8 @ 10pm


Coming to DVD

Life Above All: December 6, 2011

The Game Season 4: December 6, 2011

Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975: December 13, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: December 13, 2011

Catch .44: December 20, 2011

Colombiana: December 20, 2001

Redemption Road: Expected in December 2011

Contagion: January 3, 2011

The Guard: January 3, 2011

Diary of a Single Mom: January 10, 2011

Kevin Hart: Laugh At My Pain: January 17, 2011

Real Steel: January 24, 2001

Thunder Soul: January 31, 2011

The Thing: January 31, 2011

The Sunset Limited: February 7, 2011


For a collection of culture & history, check Black Classic Movies for additional films.

Clutchettes, which shows/movies are on your radar this winter?

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  • harlemlonestar

    Modern Family (ABC) HAS to be on the list. I like Parenthood (NBC) as well

  • Jen

    I’m alllll about American Horror Story.

    I noticed that this list is all black shows. Hmmm. The lead actress adopted a black baby and there is a hot black actor on the show, does that count?

    • Jen

      Oh wait, nevermind it’s not all black… forgive me, I just skimmed through and only caught the DVD section. I see Castle on there. In that case, I’ll add Walking Dead to my list as well:D

  • Leelee

    I’ve fallen in love with Once Upon a Time. Although now it’s not just fairy tales they are throwing in. I’ve seen some Greek Mythology as well.

  • Lyshebaaa

    Community is on hiatus, but all three seasons are on hulu plus. Also you can find them through online streaming sites.

    Parks and Recreation

    Modern Family

    aaaaand a bunch of reruns ie. Cosby, Different World, Living Single, MARTIN! the Jeffersons, Fresh Prince, Good Times- black shows today are not only ‘garbage’ but they’re not even all that entertaining *caveat: they’re not interesting to ME, everybody’s all glittery and THOROUGHLY vapid. The views expressed within these asterisks are mine alone and are not representative of anybody else*

    • Lyshebaaa

      Also, I’m catching up on The Wire…I know, I’m layyyyyyyyyyyyt. I’m on season 2 episode 10, nobody ruin it for me!