Jason Pitts, a.k.a. ‘Broadway-brat’ and accomplished actor Coby Bell, sat down with Black Enterprise last week to reveal a fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. Good fortune appears to occur in pairs for the 36 year old thespian. In addition to holding it down on 2 hit shows, USA’s Burn Notice & BET’s The Game, Bell has 2 sets of twins: one identical, the other fraternal – 1 boy and 3 girls in all. Coby finds time to for his family, and his responsibilities as a Big Brother, when he’s not jet-setting from Miami to ATL for work. He explains why he was “blown away” by his experience of working with Brandy as a love interest in the upcoming season of The Game, and gave us a glimpse into some of the designs on his horizon:


Coby on managing fatherhood with 2 sets of twins and a hectic work schedule:

It’s challenging, but it’s the best thing in the world. The traveling, the long hours; everything I do is for my kids. But when I got these jobs out of town, I said the only way I can do this is if I go home every weekend. There’s no way I can go more than five days without seeing them or being with them. [And] once The Game is done, I’m going to have two or three months just being home and just being dad before I have to go back to Burn Notice. I’m not saying that it’s easy but being a father is just the best thing in the world.

Bell discusses quality time with the fam:

Whatever it is that they’re doing or whatever it is that they want to do—you know, taking them to volleyball, piano or dance or picking them up from pre-school… just all that day-to-day stuff. What’s really cool is we just have fun as a family. We really enjoy just hanging out together and every Sunday before I have to go back to the airport, my wife gets to sleep in and I take the kids to Long Beach to this restaurant we’ve been going to for the past two years. And every time they have our table ready for us, it’s like this nice little tradition we got going.

How Coby became a Big Brother:

I was on my first series regular gig, L.A. Doctors (1998-99), and I was just a nurse on the show. So I only came in for work one or two days a week, I had all this spare time, so I figured I might as well help out a little bit. That’s when I became a Big Brother. He’s 23 now and we haven’t been officially part of the program for years because at a certain point they’re like, If you’re obligation’s over and you want to keep hanging that’s cool.” We’re like family now so he’s always going to be part of my life.

Bell talks about the upcoming season on The Game, and new onscreen love interest, Brandy:

Oh, she’s awesome! I’ve really been blown away with how she’s been able to just jump right in, because I know exactly how that feels—I did it on Burn Notice. [The show] had been going for three seasons, and I hopped onto that moving train and figured out who my character was. Brandy just jumped right in out of the gate kickin’ ass! She’s always prepared; she never half-asses; she’s just a real professional. I’m really enjoying working with her.

Has the “Dip ‘n’ Pitts” inspired a music career for the actor?

It’s funny you said that. It’s kind of always been in my life. My dad is a singer, so it was always either music or acting with me. All the way up through college I was doing both, and even after college I was in a reggae band. Then the acting really started taking off so the music had to become a hobby. But lately I’ve been putting together this project where the music and the comedy kind of come together. Hopefully within the next couple years I can get that going.

Coby on his career & the future:

I’m actually really excited about hooking up with a couple of writers from The Game and one of the writers from Burn Notice. We’re trying to turn this idea into a movie. The character’s name is Milky Jr. and the name of [his] band is Milky Jr. & The Milky Way. I want to finish that one, and what’s really cool is Brandy and I have been talking about life after The Game, trying to get something together TV wise. So I’m really excited about that, too.



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