The serious GOP folks are really reaching into their bag of tricks and have floated the idea of Condoleeza Rice as the ideal running mate for the nominee. The idea has gone from rumor to serious political strategy as the intelligence and experience of the former Secretary of State has been compared to the relative roller coaster ride of abilities that the Republican party has presented on all of it’s possible tickets.

Robert L. Traynham at The Tribune writes:

Rice has always been and will continue to be an interesting public policy figure. She’s smart, engaging and unflappable. A debate between Rice and Biden would be must-watch television as each would be ready to better the other on hot-button issues such as North Korea, Pakistan, China and Cuba. Rice would also give African Americans a real clear choice as to which they want to represent them in the executive branch.

The only big problem, of course, is that Rice comes from the disgraced Bush administration, a Republican rough spot that even the die-hards can’t explain away. I don’t think much of anything will ever make me vote Republican, certainly not Condoleeza Rice on a ticket, but it would be interesting to watch nonetheless; I have to wonder how the treatment of Michelle Obama by the media over the past few years would influence how it handles Condi’s return to the public eye.

What do you think of Condi’s possible return?

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  • mahogany

    Condi was on CNN not too long ago and said that she was happy being a University Professor and that she has no intent of going back to politics.

  • African Mami

    I just want her to find somebody in her life to make her smile more! I know it ain’t my business, but after reading her autobiography I have to say I ADMIRE this woman! Although she does not identify as black when need be-Hurrican Katrina, nonetheless, I LIKES her!

    Good luck Condi!

  • Cantarah

    At least she wouldn’t be a too blatant “pander” pick the way Sarah Palin was in 2008 (McCain picked the first pretty woman he saw to try and get women voters) because she actually has a lot of political experience…even though that political experience was gained making excuses for mass murder, epic incompetence, and blatant lies.

  • Clnmike

    Yeah sure lets put a Bush connect in the White House……….

  • At this point not even a miracle would get me to vote republican. Choosing Rice however should have been something McCain thought of, Bush Administration or no, instead of that joke Palin. I don’t agree with MOST of Rice’s conservative ideas but must acknowledge her intelligence and experience. So, I wouldn’t be voting for her but at least this time I wouldn’t be laughing at them!